Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saint Adelard of Corbie

Saint Adelard of Corbie

Also known as

* Adalard of Corbie
* Adalhard of Corbie
* Adelhard of Corbie
* Adalardus of Corbie
* Adelardus of Corbie
* Alard of Corbie


* 2 January


Grandson of Charles Martel; nephew of King Pepin the Short; first cousin of Charlemagne. Grew up in the royal court, and was an advisor to Louis le Debonnaire. Adalard gave up the court life in 773 to become a Benedictine monk at Corbie Abbey. Gardener in the monastery. Studied under Blessed Alcuin. Abbot. Advisor to Charlemagne, chaplain, and tutor to prince Bernard who later became king of Naples, Italy. Adelard was exiled to the island of Héri (modern Noirmoutier-en-l’Île, France) in 817 after being accused of supporting Bernard’s revolt against Emperor Louis the Debonair, Charlemagne’s successor. He actually enjoyed the peace that came with the isolation, but was later recalled. With Abbot Wala of Corbie, he founded Corvey Abbey in Saxony. Relics reported to have healed the deaf, the mute, and the paralyzed.


* c.752


* 2 January 827 at Corbie Abbey, Picardy, France following a brief illness
* relics translated in 1026


* 1026 by Pope John XIX


* against fever
* against typhoid
* gardeners


* abbot digging a garden with his crown lying nearby
* being crowned with thorns by an angel
* giving alms or food to the poor
* kneeling before a crucifix
* overcoming a dragon by displaying IHS

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