Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Saint Attracta of Killaraght

Also known as

* Abaght of Killaraght
* Adhracht of Killaraght
* Araght of Killaraght
* Athracta of Killaraght
* Taraghta of Killaraght


* 11 August


Daughter of an Irish noble. Drawn from an early age to a religious vocation, which was opposed by her family. Made her religious vows to Saint Patrick at Coolavin, Ireland. Worked with Patrick for the conversion of Ireland. Anchoress at Drumconnell, County Roscommon. At Killaraght (Cill Attracta) on Lough Gara she founded a hospice that still existed as late as 1539. Founded several churches and convents in County Galway and County Sligo. The convents were known for their care of the sick, and were traditionally built at crossroads so they would available to more travellers. Miracle worker, and noted healer. A healing well with her name survives at Clogher, Monasteraden; it has a reputation for especial powers against warts and rickets. Incredibly popular in her own day and in the Middle Ages when popular (i.e., fantastic) biographies of her circulated.


* 5th century in County Sligo, Ireland


* 6th century in Ireland of natural causes


* Pre-Congregation


* Achonry, Ireland, diocese of
* Men of Lugna

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