Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Saint Abraham of Kratia

Saint Abraham of Kratia

* 6 December


Monk in at Emesa (modern Hims, Syria). His community was destroyed and the brothers dispersed by pagan nomad raids when Abraham was in his early 20′s. He moved to Constantinople (modern Istanbul, Turkey) where c.500 he was made abbot at Gratia, Bithynia at age 26. He served for ten years, but finally fled in secret to Palestine for the quieter life of a hermit. However, when Church authorities located him, Abraham was ordered to return to his post. Consecrated as the reluctant bishop of Kratia soon after. Around 525 he was finally allowed to resign his see and retire for 30 years of ermetical solitude and prayer.

* c.474 at Emesa, Syria

* c.558 in Palestine

* Pre-Congregation

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