Sunday, April 15, 2012

St. Paternus

Feastday: April 15
482 - 565

St. Paternus.The first 5th century saint. He followed his father's path by becoming a hermit in Wales. He founded the monastery at the great church of Paternus, and became a bishop of that region. He was known for his preaching, charity and mortifications. Scholars believe his story is an amalgam. His feast day is April 16.

Other Saints who share the feast Day of April 15:
* St. Paternus
* St. Eutychius
* St. Hunna
* St. Ruadan
* St. Maro
* St. Maximus & Olympiades
* St. Mundus
* St. Bebnuda (Paphnutius)

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